Voice of Customer Program ( VOC )

Voice of Customer (VOC) is the way to understand your customers’ needs, preferences and customers. There are two ways of gathering voice of your customer – ASK & LISTEN.

Traditionally Voice of Customer (VOC) programs has been more inclined towards “ASK” technique i.e. surveys, focus groups, etc.

Knowledge Excel Services believes in building a 360o customer view by utilizing both ASK & LISTEN to best of their capabilities.

Implemented this way, Knowledge Excel Voice of Customer (VOC) program can help various business practices in making timely business decisions:-

C-Suite: Crafting company strategy, Identify path to position the company by clearly seeing both “to-be” and “as-is” state.

Sales: Identify drivers and leading indicators of customers’ perspective towards company moving away from “What happened” and “What might happen” to “Why it happened”.

Customer Service: Reducing 1:1 customer service interactions and Total Time to Resolution (TTR) to gain more efficiencies.

Marketing:Develop effective positioning and messaging based on customer’s needs, viewpoints and expectations.

Product Development: Identify future products and continually improve existing products.

Knowledge Excel Services helped a Fortune 500 Retail Company get a 10% Lift in the Topline and 5% improvement in the Bottom Line through Voice of Customer (VOC) program.

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