Spending 80% of your time in survey programming, data collection, report building? Spare that time for the high-end analytics and storytelling.

We've got experts to do research & analytics ground work @ scale for you!

Survey Design

Building a good survey questionnaire is an iterative and complicated process. Use our experts and 2000+ survey templates to do it right and fast!

Spend your expensive time in defining the business problem, research questions and methodology. Once you're done, our experts can help you in:-

  1. Writing the questionnaire – Focusing on respondent engagement
  2. Defining Sample – Focusing on research methodology, statistical significance and budgets
  3. Outcome blueprint – Focusing on business decisions supported by research

Survey Programming

Programming a survey needs a mix of technical skills and creative thinking. Use our experts to develop highly engaging and gamified surveys.

A market research initiative is set to a failure if the data collected through surveys is not of a good quality. To ensure a good quality data collection – surveys needs to engaging and deliver an optimized respondent experience. Our experts are trained to make this happen with following capabilities:-

  1. Gamified Surveys
  2. Virtual Shelf Surveys
  3. Cross Device surveys
  4. Conjoint Surveys
  5. Web Surveys
  6. Mobile Surveys
  7. SMS Surveys
  8. Multi-lingual surveys (75+ languages)

Our experts are trained with advanced skills in all big survey development software – Sawtooth Software, Decipher, Dooblo etc. If you’ve already made an investment in these tools – we can help you find greater value of your investments

Data Reconfiguration

Tracking studies involve ongoing improvements in sampling, structure, question formats and design. Use our survey data experts to align the historical data with these changes.

Tracking studies are built to perform time series analysis on variables of interest. But, with ongoing changes in sampling, structure, question formats, design and survey software – historical data needs to be reconfigured and aligned with new survey structure. Our experts use their data skills and collection of proprietary automations to do this right and fast.

Reporting & Dashboarding

Data is no good, if it’s is not usable and timely. Use our experts to translate data into consumable and timely reports / dashboards to see it all together.

Market Research study is useful only if it is able to report insights to decision makers in time and a consumable format. Researchers spend hours and hours in preparing these reports and lose their focus on the real work i.e. writing insights. Spare you from this mundane work and focus on insights - our experts can use reporting automations to do this right and fast. We’ve developed processes and automations to bring scale to:-

  1. Excel Report Books
  2. PowerPoint Reports
  3. Web Dashboards
  4. Newsletters
  5. Simulators – Conjoint
  6. Simulators – Driver Analysis

Conjoint Analysis

Ready for some advanced concept testing! Our conjoint experts can help you understand your customers’ preference to different attributes of your concept.

Conjoint analysis involves presenting people with choices and then analysing what were the drivers for those choices (Product features, price, brand, etc.). Every customer making choices between products and services is faced with trade-offs. Conjoint analysis simply quantify the hidden rules customers use to make trade-offs between different products and services and also quantify the preference share each of these trade-offs hold. Our conjoint experts are well trained in following conjoint techniques:

  1. Adaptive Conjoint Analysis (ACA)
  2. Choice Based Conjoint Analysis (CBC)
  3. Adaptive Choice Based Conjoint Analysis (ACBC)
  4. Menu Based Conjoint
  5. Gamified Conjoint
  6. Mobile Conjoint
  7. Max-Diff Analysis
  8. Anchored Max-Diff Analysis

Knowledge Excel Services has a dedicated Conjoint Center Of Excellence (COE) to continuously innovate in the area of conjoint analysis

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