Marketing Intelligence

There are two important factors that only together provide the "complete picture" of corporate performance – Market Intelligence and Business Intelligence.
Market Intelligence (Intelligence on External Environment): This exercise includes gathering of data from the company's external environment to help decision makers make decisions in areas such as market opportunity, market penetration, and market development
Business Intelligence (Intelligence on Internal Environment): This exercise includes gathering of internal data – such as sales, shipments, purchases, etc. to help decision makers make decisions in areas such as sales performance, etc.
Knowledge Excel Services helps businesses getting insights from external environment to make frequent and critical marketing decisions. Following are three key solutions that we bring to the market:-

Market Segmentation

The process of defining and subdividing a large homogenous market into clearly identifiable segments having similar needs, wants, or demand characteristics. Its objective is to design a marketing mix that precisely matches the expectations of customers in the targeted segment.

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Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence has been traditionally considered to be the way to get insights about the competition but in reality it is way more than just intelligence on your competition. It is perspective on changing marketing conditions.

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Message Testing

The goal of marketing in its simplest form comes down to getting the right message, to the right people, at the right time. It is often easy said than done. Marketing teams has to frequently not just develop new messages but also test them before they go live.

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