Customer Satisfaction Program (CSAT)

Think yourself as a customer! Most of the times we remember examples of companies that failed to satisfy us rather than companies that satisfied us. The reason is simple – we expect companies to satisfy us when we our spending our hard earned money on them. Meeting expectation is no wonder but failing expectations is a disaster.

Add to this – today’s era of intelligent and informed customers. It is hard than ever to win loyalty of customers, make them satisfied. Hence it becomes very important for any company, irrespective of the industry to keep finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction.

This is not a new concept in the industry, companies have been doing surveys to capture direct feedback from their customers. However, majority of companies have not been yet able to capitalize on their efforts and money spend on this initiative. The reason is that CSAT program is not just a survey – it is a comprehensive program that should be designed very carefully keeping following things into serious consideration:-

1. What should be measured?

Looking into the business complexities, CSAT program should be designed to measure critical metrics that can lead to maximum quantified business impact.

2. Who should be interviewed?

Selecting sample to be interviewed is very critical step and often ignored in the rush of setting up more and more CSAT studies. Sample should be statistically and contextually significant.

3. What should be the interview mode?

Various ways of surveying exist, innovations like Gamifications, mobile surveys etc. are happening every day. Researcher should make the selection of these interesting surveying methods in context to their customers. For example – Gamification/mobile /online surveys may not be successful while capturing satisfaction of farming machines among farmers in India.

4. How should we measure satisfaction? What does this measurement mean?

Net Promotor Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Customer Effort Score (CES) are three different ways of calculating customer satisfaction on different scales. In all these cases measurement standards are different and even the way they should be consumed.

5. How should we make information through these studies consumable by business partners?

It is very critical to understand how we can integrate the insights from CSAT studies into decision workflow. What do we need to ensure the flow of information is timely - dashboard, analytics app, excel reports, newsletters, etc.?

Knowledge Excel Services has helped a big U.S. based PC manufacturer get a lift of 10% in their brand love by helping them improve on their customer dissatisfactions captured through the CSAT program

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