Customer Intelligence

Customer intelligence is the necessary first step to build strong relationship with customers. "One-size-fits-all" approach in catering to today's customers is nothing but a step towards slow failure. Organizations should embrace the face that customers have become more intelligent than ever and demand personalized treatment at every step of their interaction; offline or online.
Every organization in wish to be successful in today's competitive world should understand their customer's behavior and apply it towards building more loyal customers.A simplest form of Customer's life cycle:

Knowledge Excel Services aids business in making frequent yet critical decisions throughout the above mentioned journey through following solutions:-

Voice of Customer Program (VOC)

Understand your customers' needs, preferences and expectations to turn them towards your brand when they are making purchase considerations. True intelligence to serve the purpose can from customer 3600.

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Customer Satisfaction Program (CSAT)

Understand your customers' experience with your product and services so that you can turn them into Repeat and Loyal Customers.

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Customer Segmentation

All world is not your customer! And, it is waste of time, money and efforts to go behind everyone for your product and services. Customer targeting is must to get more bang for your buck.

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Net Promotor Score Program (NPS)

Are you just satisfied with happy customers or you need repeat business? Net Promotor Score Program helps companies get insights on how to convert a purchase into repeat purchase.

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Customer Churn Prediction

You're not the only one in the business. Only way to stay ahead of your competition is to have regular insights (Who, Why, When) about swing customers and make timely decisions towards their retention. Conjoint Research is a breakthrough methodology to serve the purpose.

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Customer Intelligence COE

There are various ways to gain customer intelligence but if executed in Silos can lead to redundant efforts wasting time, money and energy. Customer Intelligence COE brings all customer intelligence efforts under one umbrella leading to significant efficiencies.

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