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Market Research Solutions
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  • Customer Intelligence

  • Market Intelligence

  • Product Intelligence

  • Customer intelligence is the necessary first step to build strong relationship with customers. "One-size-fits-all" approach in catering to today's customers is nothing but a step towards slow failure. At Knowledge Excel Services we help companies implement customer intelligence programs to get timely insights for informed decision making.

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  • Market Intelligence is an exercise to capture data about company's external environment to help make informed decisions about Market opportunity, market penetration, development, etc. At Knowledge Excel Services we help companies implement successful market intelligence programs to get timely insights for informed decision making.

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  • "New" is very important in today's competitive world in the context of "Products". It's an ongoing process for companies to either "Add New Products" or "Add New Features to Existing Products". At Knowledge Excel Services we help companies implement successful research programs to gather insights for making timely product development decisions.

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About Us

Today is the world of being SMART. We're seeing everything around us being SMART – smart phones, smart education, smart apps, smart analytics; have you ever heard term "SMART Market Research"?

Meet Knowledge Excel Services, we're proud to call us a SMART Market Research Firm. We've gathered our years of Market Research and Industry experience to design a services model that helps companies translate Research into Reality.

SMART Services Model is our key to success. We believe in Learn -> Execute -> Automate -> Engineer while working with any of our clients. This helps us generate significant cost and time efficiencies in our market research deployments. Most importantly, it helps Market Research get seat in decision makers table by generating timely and useful insights.

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  • FAST

    In today’s competitive world business need to make decisions fast and hence their decision support system should also be able to match the speed.


    Market Research can be much-much more impactful if it is integrated into the decision work flow.


    Market Research is not just math, it is a balanced integration of math and industry knowledge that makes it actionable.


    We understand that in this competitive world, we work against tremendous cost pressures.

Clients with us

What others say about us

  • Saurabh/ KE Team has been very active in supporting our interviewing software by actively participating on our Online Forum where he has provided a lot of generous advice and help to our users regarding survey programming issues. He has proven to be an expert user of our software and we invited him in 2015 to give a tutorial at our US-based conference to demonstrate the many advanced applications he’s been able to accomplish.
    Happy new year and best,

    President, Sawtooth Software

  • We have been working with Knowledge Excel for around 3+ Years. Our requests are related to Sawtooth Programming /Hosting for Maxdiff, CBC, ACBC surveys & Simulator modeling. Knowledge Excel is “One stop shop” for our team for any requests related to Sawtooth because of their Technical competency, ability to deliver project within requested time frame and Programming consultation specifically recommending clients about design/look and Feel/Mobile compatibility/ Reports. It's a pleasure & comfort working with them.

    Manager, Research Now

  • GUYZ are gr8 … Love working with the Team … turns around at beck and call and even at the wee hours !!!

    Love you guys! Have an even more roaring 2016 !!! Wish you & all at home a fantastic year ahead!!!

    Project Management Director, IMRB

  • I will like to thank you & your team for closing all the Maxdiff simulators on time with quality. The planning & commitment shown by you is truly commendable. Not to forget the extra hours put in on weekends/festive season. We highly appreciate all the work done. Looking forward to work with you again!

    Sr. Research Manager, Millward Brown

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